Onsite wastewater system design has never been easier.

SepticEdge 2011 is a revolutionary design and planning software tool used by wastewater design and planning professionals to rapidly design and draw residential septic systems.

Engineers, sanitarians, installers, permit agencies and regulators all benefit from the speed that SepticEdge 2011 provides.

Design your system and complete your plans, specifications, and calculations on-site in less than an hour.


Install SepticEdge 2011 on your office computer or a laptop computer / handheld device for site visits.


Walk the site with client and builder. Input topo, soil and other specific site characteristics into SepticEdge 2011.


Automatically calculate tank and drainfield sizes and locations. Adjust as necessary.


Establish the location of the house and house drain. Stake general locations of tanks and drainfield to alert others to not disturb the soil.


Print the site plan, details, calculations and permit information on your portable printer.


Leave your results in a watertight container attached to a tree or post for the builder, installer and inspector.


Electronically submit plans and calculations to the permit agency.

  • Establish and retain local variables & standards.
  • Input and retain local supplier information – tanks, pumps, pipes.
  • Input specific project names and addresses and other information.
  • Conduct a preliminary site evaluation from the office or field.
  • Conduct on-site design.
  • Print site plan, details and other information.
  • Streamline permit submittal. Save the information and submit for permit.